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Transforming Human Resources Operations: Watari’s success story with PRH and HUMI

In the dynamic realm of nonprofits, a robust Human Resources Department is crucial. At Peoples’ Resource Hub – PRH, we take pride in our commitment to reinventing workplace culture, and our recent collaboration with Watari stands as a demonstration of our passion for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Through the implementation of our Human Resources Information System, HUMI, in Watari, a nonprofit organization established in 1986 in the Downtown Eastside area, has experienced a remarkable transformation in its HR operations, achieving digitalization, modernization, and substantial cost savings.

Watari, with its rich history of serving high-risk, street-involved youth and the broader Vancouver community, recognized the need to overhaul its HR processes and procedures. Managing diverse programs and a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and community partners, had made manual HR tasks overwhelming. In response, PRH implemented the comprehensive HUMI system, streamlining HR management, boosting efficiency, and fostering organizational success.

Watari faced a key challenge in manually handling HR processes, from payroll management to benefits administration. With HUMI, we were able to automate Watari’s tasks, reducing the administrative burden on the HR department. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, HUMI empowered Watari’s HR team to prioritize strategic initiatives over routine tasks. Furthermore, the implementation of Humi resulted in an impressive 40% reduction in costs for Watari, encompassing essential areas such as HR operations, time-off management, and benefits administration.

On the other hand, with the implementation of Humi, Watari embraced a digital transformation. The secure and centralized storage of essential information ensures compliance with regulations and enhances data accuracy while reducing errors and increasing accessibility.

Watari’s commitment to being a safe and supportive space for the community required a modern and efficient HR department. HUMI provided the necessary tools for the HR team to track employee performance, manage talent effectively, and foster a positive workplace culture. The modernization of HR operations aligns with Watari’s core values, enabling the organization to adapt to evolving organizational needs.

The collaboration between PRH and HUMI has resulted in substantial cost savings for Watari. By automating processes and improving efficiency, resources are now redirected to enhance their vital community programs. Additionally, the implementation of Humi has led to a remarkable 25% increase in Watari’s overall employee engagement.

Watari’s success story with PRH and HUMI underscores the transformative power of modern HR solutions in the nonprofit sector. The digitalization and automation of HR processes not only align with Watari’s commitment to community support but also contribute to organizational sustainability. As we continue our journey at Peoples Resource Hub, we remain dedicated to empowering organizations like Watari to succeed in the ever-changing landscape, fostering workplaces that are not only efficient but also inclusive and supportive.

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